The Message is a commitment that I have made to give something of myself to the world every day.  I have found that a lot of us (me included) justify and put off giving until something else comes into our lives.  When we get more money, when we have more time, when we get the right job, or when we have that perfect life.  The longer we look at what we need in order to give, the longer we stay away from the world of giving.  If we stop the words of "I need" or "I want" and learn to replace it with "I give" a dramatic shift can happen in our lives.
My father has always told me how the happiest feelings he has had in his life is when he is able to contribute or give to someone or something in this world.  I do believe in this.  I believe that true happiness can always be found when you are giving to someone else without asking for anything in return.

I feel like a 365 days commitment will help grow my idea of giving.  I am hoping to learn a lot more ideas on how to give and also how our world works with giving.  I am also hoping to spread the message of giving and inspire others to also give what they can.  You can follow along every day and choose what you would like to give.  Together I am hoping we can make a shift in this world towards giving back to the world.  Today is the day to start.