Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ferncreek Elementary

Today I am starting to raise money and food again for Ferncreek Elementary.  I started this back in November and have raised $200 of the $1,000 goal for the school.  Click here to donate A total of $400 of food has been donated thus far and will be a on going continuous project.  The kids are in constant need of food.  The shelves that I show below are enough supplies for 1 week out of the year.  This is a good indication on how much food is needed for these children.

I will be dropping off boxes at local businesses to help raise awareness and food for this school.  If you would like to have one of these boxes at your place of business please let me know.  Here is a list of supplies they try to provide to each student for a weekend snack pack.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

I have just returned from Asia, and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to see so many new people and places.  I have been thinking a lot about New Years resolutions.  I am wondering how many people have already forgotten about theirs.  The other question that I have been pondering is why we do so much giving over the month's of November and December and then seem to stop and forget about it when January rolls around.  I am hoping to use this month to help spread the word and find more opportunities to continue to keep the giving spirit that we had during the holiday season.

Today I was given a charity from my yoga teacher Paul Dallaghan.  He is asking to spread the word about an important charity to him.  The charity is Children in CrossFire (  It is embraced by the Dali Lama and has a vision of making a world where young children can realize their potential.  The founder is Richard Moore who was blinded at the age of 10 by a rubber bullet.  Today I ask you to make a donation to this charity or find an organization and charity that you love to give to.  Let's keep the holiday giving spirit throughout the entire year of 2014.