Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Giving what you can

When I first started I was blogging everyday and giving out money each day.  My life and thoughts on how to go about giving every day has changed since then.  I am still giving everyday, but in a different ways.  My time I spent blogging and spreading the word of giving has been shifted to just giving back to the community.  I still would like to spread the word, but am putting this on the back burner as I feel the act of giving out weighs the act of spreading the word.

There is a time in our life when we have to give back to our close ones, our family, our friends, and yes even ourselves.  Sometimes this balance can be out of whack.  If we concentrate on giving everything we have out to others we begin to find frustration in ourselves.  Everyone needs to find sometime to give to ourselves.  Second, we have the people that need us.  We sometimes need to give our time to help out these people.

I have been working on bigger ideas.  As the holidays come around the corner, I am trying to organize more towards giving to the school down in Costa Rica and also trying to give more towards local schools.  I will keep you posted on some of the upcoming events shortly.