Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

I have just returned from Asia, and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to see so many new people and places.  I have been thinking a lot about New Years resolutions.  I am wondering how many people have already forgotten about theirs.  The other question that I have been pondering is why we do so much giving over the month's of November and December and then seem to stop and forget about it when January rolls around.  I am hoping to use this month to help spread the word and find more opportunities to continue to keep the giving spirit that we had during the holiday season.

Today I was given a charity from my yoga teacher Paul Dallaghan.  He is asking to spread the word about an important charity to him.  The charity is Children in CrossFire (  It is embraced by the Dali Lama and has a vision of making a world where young children can realize their potential.  The founder is Richard Moore who was blinded at the age of 10 by a rubber bullet.  Today I ask you to make a donation to this charity or find an organization and charity that you love to give to.  Let's keep the holiday giving spirit throughout the entire year of 2014.