Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 1 - The beginning

Welcome to the first week of  This week I decided to start off looking into the different people we can give to this world.  I want to choose a different person to give to each day.  There are hundreds of ways we can give back to the world, but I would like to think outside the box.

Each of us can justify that we give back to this world.  My goal is to go above and beyond and give more then I normally do.  Let's not think of ways that we already give, but let's come up with new ways that we can give.  This week feel free to comment on ways that you can give or ways that you gave throughout this week.

Each day I am going to try to check one of these people off my list.

- a random stranger
- begging stranger
- organization
- close friend
- not close friend
- family
- a surprise person
- the planet