Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 3 - Pay it Forward envelopes

This week I decided to start an experiment.  Every day this week I will be handing out the above envelopes with money and a letter inside.  I will be handing these ones out to friends of mine in hopes that they will add to it, and pay it forward to another person.  My hope is that it will end up in the hands of someone that truly does need the money.
There are so many people in this world that do not look at what they have, but rather what they need.  We are all a lot more well off then our minds like to perceive.  This is an opportunity to give back to the world and drop the "I need" or the "I want."  Why do so many of us decide that we deserve the money more then someone else? 

My hopes and wishes are that people will pay it forward.  My hopes are that people will write in to show the path of the envelopes.  My hopes are that the envelope will have a long path ahead of it.  If all else fails, I at least know that I gave out to this world every day this week.