Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 2 - Donating to organizations

This week I have decided to give a donation everyday to a structured organization.  I started to think of which organizations to reach out to.  As I started to think about this I drove past an American Red Cross station.  I realized I have passed this Red Cross almost every day I have lived here in Orlando.  I then stared to think about how many places I pass and do not give to.  How many times have organizations been sitting out of the grocery store and I have said no.  They really are all around us.

I started to think more of why I did not give to these organizations.  I had a justification for all of it.  "I do not know where the money actually goes to."  "I need the money for something else."  "I can't now, maybe next time."  I can always have a reason.

This week I not only will seek out the organizations that I may have an interest to give to, but also I will give to any organization that I run into or pass throughout my daily life.  There is always something I can give.  Let it be a dollar or the change in my pocket.  I hope you can join me on this goal this week.  Please leave a comment or email me with how you contribute this week.  If you have a good organization to donate to I would also love to hear about it.

Tonight I gave a donation to Habitat for Humanity in Orlando.