Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Publix Checkout

Today in Publix I had a cashier stop what she was doing and tell me that there was a $2 off coupon for one of my products.  She then decided (while people waited behind me) to run to the front of the store to find me the coupon and cut it out to save me that $2.  I was extremely impressed with the generosity and giving attitude I got from this cashier.  She could had easily just rang up my groceries and made more for the Publix bottom line.

I tell this story because I could easily say that was very nice of her and move on with my day.  I could be happy that I just saved $2.  What if I was to say I would have purchased these products regardless of saving the $2.  If I look at it this way the $2 was never mine to begin with.  I am keeping this mindset and deciding to pass the $2 on to the next person.  I will add $1 and pass $3 on to the next person.

Sometimes we are given things right under our nose.  We have the opportunity to pass on these "acts of giving" onto others.  I was really impressed with the cashier at Publix, and hope we can all learn from her giving efforts.