Monday, October 14, 2013

What does it take? Why don't people give to Charities?

The donation fund I set up for the school in Costa Rica is the first time I have really ever tried to reach out and ask people for money for a cause.  I am finding that I am finding this harder than what I first imagined.  When I first thought of the idea, I thought it would be pretty easy and fun to raise money for a good cause.  My first trial I made a few posts on Facebook and Google plus and did not receive a dollar.  It was crazy how deflated it made me feel.

I tried to put myself in others shoes.  If I was to see these posts I more then likely would just continue on with my day.  Maybe I would stop and say that I would like to give, but I still would not give anything.  I realized that I would have to promote more and ask more in order to get people to donate.  It made me feel really weird to continue to ask others to give to a cause that is important to me.  I do not want to sound pushy.

I realize that if I want to try to get others to donate to the school in Costa Rica I will have to be a little bit more aggressive.  I also need to be a little more accepting that most people will not donate to this cause and that is OK.

This is a great lesson for me, and I have a lot more respect for people that have to ask others to donate for a living.  I have made a few more attempts to have others donate and I am happy (and extremely grateful) to say  that I have received a few donations.  It makes me really happy to have others join me in thinking this is an important cause.

What does it take to get others to join and give to a charity?  For mine I am beginning to realize it will take a lot of time, patience, understanding, and determination to spread the word and raise money.

If you would like to donate and raise funds for the school in Costa Rica here is a link to the page.

If you would rather donate supplies and are in the Orlando area please feel free to Contact me