Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adrew's giving idea. Give a "Feel Better" card

Today's giving idea is from Andrew.  Andrew is 5 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida.  Andrew suggested that I give a "feel better" card to someone.  I thought about it a bit, and came up with something that I wanted to do almost 6 months ago.

A while back I was walking my dog.  An older woman walked her dog in the other direction.  Her dog saw my dog and did a sudden jerk which caused the woman to fall hard to the concrete.  I helped her up, but found out on a later that she broke a finger and her arm.  I felt really bad, and continuously said to myself that I wanted to bring her flowers.  Time went on, and I never got to it.

Today I went out and bought some flowers and brought them to my neighbor.  Andrew reminded me today that it is never too late to buy someone flowers and let them know that I am thinking of them.  Thanks for the suggestion Andrew.