Thursday, September 5, 2013

The 98 Year Old Beggar

There is so much good in our world.  Some people don't even see it right under their nose.  Did you ever here the story of Dobri Dobrev from Bulgaria?  He is a 98 year old man who walks 10 kilometers from his village to the city of Sofia and spends the day begging for money.

Most people would pass this man and feel sorry for the man who dresses in shoes and clothes he made himself.  We would pass him feeling sorry for him and wondering how he became the beggar he is today.

Here is the catch.  Dobri Dobrev may beg for money, but every penny he has collected has been given towards the resotration of his towns monostaries and churches.  He also gives his money to the power bill for his towns orphanage.  He has raised and given over 40,000 Euros.  Here is a great inspiring story of someone who has nothing and continues to give every day of his life.

Stories like these have allowed me to overcome the question of whether or not to give to a beggar on the street.   Any of us could get to a point where we have to stand on the street and ask for money.  Regardless of what they do with it, we all have lessons to learn in our life.  While in Puerto Rico there were several people asking for money on the street.  Instead of asking what they are going to do with the money I asked myself what I can give.  Here I am on a gorgeous trip across the ocean, of course I can give up something of myself.  I was able to give money and left over food on my trip, and look forward to figuring out more ways to give.