Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 5 - How Children would give

 This week I am taking on a fun project.  I am taking ideas from children under 10 to find out how they think I should give back to the universe.  I will then do my best to do what that child suggests.  I am starting this tomorrow so it is not too late to send me an email.  Please send me your child's name, age, and idea.  He or she may be featured on this website.

So far my favorite idea came from Mason Imse out of West Palm Beach, FL (7 years old).  He said I should give $25,000 to everyone.  I cannot quite pull this one off.  I will however make the next donation under his name.  Some of these ideas I will obviously need to tweak a little bit.

Kids make giving sound so simple.  Somehow we complicate it and make it impossible.  If you are a parent please ask your child what they would give.  Then join me and try your best to make their wish of giving come true.