Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Give away your toys. Idea from Brody

Today's giving idea was given to me by Brody Ball.  Brody is 6 years old living in Jupiter, FL.  Brody suggested that I go through all my toys and give away the ones that I no longer use anymore.  My first thought was that I do not have any toys to give away (or do I)?  More on this later.

I decided that I should go through all of my clothes, and get rid of the things that I no longer use.  I drove down to the American Red Cross which is located three blocks away from me.  I dropped off the clothes in a bin.  Orlando is a great city that has a lot of these drop off bins for clothes and shoes.  If your city has these bins why not go through your closet and drop off some of your clothes.

Brody's idea about toys got me thinking.  I do have a lot of toys in my life.  I love to play video games, and have a ton of games that I have played and now just sit in my closet.  I plan on going through these games and finding an organization or someone who would love to play them.  I would like to thank Brody for expanding my mind and making me realize I have a lot more toys hiding in my closet then I even realized.  Maybe Brody will inspire you to go through your closet and see what you can give away.