Sunday, September 15, 2013

Give to Give

 It is a simple thought.  Give just because you feel it is right to give, but let's look a little deeper into our thoughts into why we really give.  I think a lot of us know the concept that we should give to this world, but I also think that our society teaches us that we should receive something if we do give. 

Maybe our religions teach we will have a good afterlife the more we give.  Maybe there is an image of god sitting on a cloud counting the number of times we give.  If we give enough we will be rewarded with something when we die.  Maybe we think karma will reward us.  We think every giving event should be rewarded with something where we recieve.

Our society teaches us and commercializes that we should live expecting others to provide for us.  The harder we work the more we deserve.  In every situation there is someone who will give and there is someone who will receive.  There is a point in our lives that every receiver needs to recognize this and become a giver.  We need to find a balanced life where we can live as both the giver and the receiver.  I promise you though you will live a better and happier life if you stay closer on the side of the giver.  There is a lot of unbalance and unhappiness that comes to our lives if we live and stay in the world of the reciever.

When we come to a place where we can give in our lives we need to ask ourselves why do we give?  The answer we should strive for is because we want to give.  We should not be giving with the idea that if we give we deserve to receive.  We should not have any expectations when we give.  We should only be giving because we want to give.

Give to Give.