Monday, September 9, 2013

The pancake giving idea from Savannah

Today I was inspired by an idea I got from Savannah Sisk.  Savannah is 6 years old an lives in Orlando, Florida.  When asked how she would give to others she suggested to give pancakes to people who did not have any money.  So today I decided to do Savannah's idea.

I cooked up about 20 pancakes and took them down to a local park to hand out to people who looked like they needed some pancakes.  I have been approached by people asking for change on the streets all the time, but this was the first time I ever went out seeking someone who needed something on the streets.  It was a nice stroll around the lake and the first person I came across was easy.  He was asking for change so I gave him some pancakes.  After that I started to wonder who I should give the pancakes to.  I did not want to insult someone by offering them pancakes if all they were trying to do was take a break in the park.

The way I got over it was to ask myself "Who wouldn't want pancakes?"  It made it a lot easier to walk up to strangers and ask them if they wanted pancakes.  Everyone was very appreciative of the pancakes.

Thank you for the idea today Savannah.  The rest of this week I am still doing ideas submitted by kids under the age of 10.  If you would like to submit your child's giving idea you still can.  Please Contact me and let me know your child's idea, name, and age.