Friday, September 13, 2013

Marianne's "Merry Mason" Jars

Today I started a new campaign that was given to me by Marianne Broadaway.  I am really excited for this idea because this was the first idea that was presented to me by another person.  One of my hopes when starting Give365days was to get others to collaborate and come up with different ways to give.   These "Merry Mason Jars" are the first collaborative project for

I have started handing out the above jars around Orlando to business and other people.  Marianne has named them the "Merry Mason Jars"  It is a simple concept.  Fill the jars with change and then give it to someone in need.  Thanks for the fun idea Marianne.

I know my goal is to give something every day of the year, but I have to say that I am loving doing this, and am finding myself sticking with a lot of these ideas.  As these new ideas roll out I still love doing the older ones like the "Pay it Forward" envelopes.   I guess something must be working.

If you have any inspirational ideas please feel free to share them by Clicking here.