Friday, September 6, 2013

Here is my story. I would love to hear yours

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Several people have asked to share the inspiration behind "Giving 365 Days."  Over the last year I have been making some pretty dramatic changes in my life.  I thought of all the ways that I have  talked about improving my life.  I asked myself what were the barriers stopping me from doing these things?  Throughout the year I have found that most of these barriers were only put up by myself.  I slowly made a shift  in my life in hopes to bringing these once thoughts into a reality of my life.  A lot of these changes can be seen in my last blog where I did yoga for an entire year (

My job over the last 12 years has been as an online marketer.  This July I attended a marketing conference where a marketing genius told a story on how he raised money for President Obama's 2012 election campaign.  He spoke how he was in charge of the online portion of the marketing which raised $635 million of the $1 billion that was raised for Obama.  I thought to myself that all of this money got raised and it sort of just vanished in the air.  I thought that Mitt Romney also must have raised about this same amount in hopes for becoming president.  I reality his funding really was for nothing.  So that is about $1 billion dollars that went into marketing that ultimatly brought nothing to anyone that truly could have used this money.  I thought how many other avenues $1 billion could better be spent.

What if someone took on the same task to raise $1 billion dollars and gave it towards people that actually could use it.  What if that person was me?  I decided to take on the impossible task to see what it would teach me.  I do not expect to raise $1 billion dollars, but after one month of "Give 365 Days" I have already learned that I have more then I will ever need in my life.  I have learned that other people are willing to give too.   If there is $1 billion out there that pretty much vanishes into a presidntial campaign can we change our outlook and give it to the people that really do need it?  What would $1 billion do for your community today? 

I am in hopes to start to gather an online presence that wants to make a change towards giving towards others.  I am in hopes that people will start to make a shift towards trying to give every day of their lives.  Stop living a life of what more can I get in my life, and start living a life on what more I can give.

It all starts today with you making a small change.

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